krimo boeken

" The fun thing about graphic design is that you can make the layout of a book with Indesign. But also make the cover using Illustrator and Photoshop. These programs work seamlessly together. That is what I love about the Adobe Creative Cloud."

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Summerised: I started with the study graphic media design / webdesign at Syntra West. I’ve done an intership in the city hall of Roeselare at the department of communication. In 2020 I graduated. I’ve learned a lot from that expierence.

In the summer of 2020 I worked as graphic designer in the leather company Ateleer KЯIMO. There I made portfolio books from each year the company has been active. These books feature the leather goods that have been made at KЯIMO. The website has also been updated and designed by me.

In 2020 I have started Creative Digital Design at ‘Hogeschool Vives’. That way I could combine the printing and pratical knowledge from Syntra West with the video editing, animations, UX and programming knowledge and expierences from Creative Degital Design. The first year of my Creative Digital Design education I had an intership at Cloudcom, an IT company. I have done a lot of assigments. But the work that I am the most proud of is the CloudCom history wall. In the second and last year of the education I have done internships at communication & marketing agency ‘Proud Mary’ and decoration / cook & dine company Billiet- Vanlaere.


Wall, merchandise, printing and more

When I had an intershop at CloudCom I had the privilege to decorate a wall of the company building. I also made some merchandise items for them. This was a good learning expierence. I was involved in the graphic design, the planning and acquirement of clothes.
The idea that someone will be wearing one of my designs is very exciting. That is something to be very proud of.

I have designed a magazine for Cosy & Trendy . I have put the text in a lay-out and edited pictures with Photoshop. The “AUTUMN WINTER Collection 2021” magazine has diverse themes. These themes are about Christmas, Halloween, winter but also color combinations. (for example: gold & black). I had a lot of input from the decoration and interior designers. This way every decoration article looked at his best in the magazine. Each theme has its specific font and quotes that perfectly capture the theme. So that the reader gets the right impression of each theme. On a page you’ll find various pictures (still life, editorial and more), quotes and references to the measurements. I am very pleased with the result and the chances I got these last years. Up to more expierences..